Imagining A Future When The Doctor’s Office Is In Your Home

Extracting medical care from the health care system is all too often an expensive exercise in frustration. Dr. Eric Topol says your smartphone could make it cheaper, faster, better and safer.

That’s the gist of his new book, The Patient Will See You Now. Lots of people are bullish on the future of mobile health to transform health care, but Topol gets extra cred because of his major medical chops: Former head of cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic and present director of the Scripps Translations Science Institute in La Jolla, Calif.



Put on the Snow Shoes

Snowshoeing may provide a better workout than running or walking.

Can you get as good a workout with snowshoes as with running? If so, how?
If by “good,” you mean a workout that leaves you sweat-soaked and panting, then snowshoeing may provide a better workout than running or walking. In one of the few studies to directly compare those activities, researchers in Vermont found that snowshoeing in powder at less than 3 miles per hour requires about the same exertion as jogging on level ground at more than twice that speed. more


On Doctor’s and Hospitals


When the same test is reimbursed more when done by a hospital, it gives doctors a reason to go work for hospitals.
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